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Age 12

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Crossing the Deadline 4.8
Diary of a Canadian Kid
Diary of a Michigan Kid
Diary of a Minnesota Kid
Diary of a Ohio Kid
Diary of a Pennsylvania Kid
Diary of a Texas Kid
Diary of an American Kid
I, Q Alcatraz
I, Q The Windy City 4.9
I, Q: Independence Hall 4.5
I, Q: Kitty Hawk 4.4
I, Q: The Alamo 5.1
I, Q: The White House 4.5
Runs With Courage Pending
Stagestruck: Curtain Up! 5.2
The Attack on Pearl Harbor: A History Perspectives Book 5.7
The Battle of Gettysburg: A History Perspectives Book 5.3
The Boston Tea Party: A History Perspectives Book 5.0
The Fat Boy Chronicles 5.2
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