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Cover: Junk: A Spectacular Tale of Trash Cover: Nature's Friend: The Gwen Frostic Story Cover: Bully Cover: With Love, Grandma

Back-to-School Time!

New Cover: Kindergarrrten Bus

Kindergarrrten Bus

Yo ho ho! It's the first day of kindergarten. Just imagine all the fun things to learn and experience! And who better than a pirate captain to drive the bus to school? He's ready to share all… More »

Cover: First Day at Zoo School

First Day at Zoo School

It's the first day of Zoo School and outgoing Amanda the Panda is ready. She's excited and can't wait to go! But for anxious Alfred the Alligator, the first day fills him with dread. Why does… More »

Recent Cover: K is for Kindergarten

K is for Kindergarten

Here comes kindergarten! Whether your little reader is gearing up for the first day or making her way through the school year, K is for Kindergarten will help guide them with silly rhymes and… More »