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Grade 1

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Language Arts

With Love, Grandma

Every grandma knows that her love for her grandchildren can span great distances! So when Grandma heads out on an adventure of her own, she stays in touch with her grandchild through a series More →

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Yatandou lives in a Mali village with her family and neighbors. And though she is only eight years old and would much rather play with her pet goat, she must sit with the women and pound… More →

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Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Japanese provincial governors had to travel between the cities of Kyoto and Edo (modern-day Tokyo). This 300+ mile journey on the historic Tokaido More →

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Zero, Zilch, Nada: Counting to None

Harry is excited! Today is the first day at his new job at the Four Color Balloon Factory. Harry loves balloons almost more than anything! When Mr. Huffy, his new boss, tells him to blow up… More →

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