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Natural Sciences

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A Parliament of Owls

From a mischief of mice and a shiver of sharks to a caravan of camels and a rhumba of rattlesnakes, animals from around the globe gather a group and sashay, swim, slither, or sail through… More →

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A Planet Like Ours

Our planet Earth is as individual and special as each one of us. It's ability to sustain and nurture life is unique in our solar system--and beyond. In this book, celebrate all the wonderful, More →

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Baby Bat Bedtime

At the end of a warm, dark night in the rainforest, dawn starts to break. Soon, animals will rise to greet the day. But not everyone is waking up. Some animals haven't even been to bed yet!… More →


Every Little Seed

Grandpa told Mom, and Mom told me: The secret of a plant lives in every little seed. Seeds are truly amazing! Did you know that every seed, no matter how small (microscopic) or large… More →

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F is for Feathers: A Bird Alphabet

What animal is descended from dinosaurs, pollinates plants, flies thousands of miles annually, can weigh less than a dime or as much as 340 pounds, and can even remember when humans have been More →

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Fly, Firefly

Selected for The Original Art 2020 at the Society of Illustrators. One evening at dusk a wind current carries a lone firefly out over the sea. Glancing down into the water, the insect is… More →

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Full Moon Lore

Every month has a full moon, and every full moon has a story. Full Moon Lore explores the origins of each full moon's name, from the Strawberry Moon to the Wolf Moon and beyond. Told in… More →

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Hello Baby Brown Bear!

From their furry ears to their furry tails, baby bears are so cute! Discover more about these adorable animals with your own adorable little one. Filled with fun sound words and sweet photos, More →

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