Cover: When the Wind Blew

School Library Journal - When the Wind Blew

In this sweet, reassuring story, Little Bear and Big Bear must move in the aftermath of a very bad storm. The wind has knocked down all of the trees and made their current home unlivable, so the bears seek a new den. Little Bear notices his surroundings and the beauty of nature, asking… View »

Cover: Invisible Lizard

School Library Jouranl - Invisible Lizard

Napoleon is a vibrant chameleon. Unfortunately, all of his colors blend perfectly with the background of his home in the rain forest, making it nearly impossible for anyone to see him. How is a guy supposed to make new friends if he’s practically invisible? Napoleon tries everything to get… View »

Cover: Invisible Lizard

Kirkus Reviews - Invisible Lizard

Napoleon, a colorful, “spiffy” chameleon, lives on an equally “spiffy” tree limb and blends in so well with his surroundings the other jungle residents cannot see him.With his charming personality, Napoleon tries to entice and engage Polly, a squawking parrot, and Mike, a screeching monkey… View »

Cover: When the Wind Blew

Kirkus Reviews - When the Wind Blew

A young bear cub learns what truly makes a home.Big Bear and Little Bear wake up one morning to find that a storm has knocked down all of the trees outside their den. Little Bear peers cautiously around. All he can see are broken limbs and ragged stumps. He doesn’t understand. What has the… View »

Cover: The Skydiving Beavers

Publishers Weekly - The Skydiving Beavers

Striking a down-home tone, Wood (Esquivel!) unspools a real-life story of animal conservation. In 1948 Idaho, beavers presented a dilemma to a growing resort community: “The people were muscling in on the beavers’ habitat. And the beavers were trashing the people’s habitat. A real turf war.” View »

Cover: Tig Ripley Hard Rock

Booklist - Tig Ripley Hard Rock

When things get too complicated for Tig Ripley and her best friends (who are also her bandmates), all Tig wants is a little bit of harmony. Suddenly, last year’s Mean Girl is being nice (too nice?), and Tig’s cousin Kyra, whom Tig feels insanely guilty about wanting to kick out of the band… View »

Cover: Why Did the Farmer

School Library Journal - Why Did the Farmer Cross the Road?

PreS-Gr 2–James puts a new spin on the timeless joke in her first picture book. In this quirky tale, Donkey awakens the farmer, alerting him that the pigs have left the farm. The farmer states, “That’s not possible” and goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, the pigs are walking through town… View »

Cover: Tig Ripley Hard Rock

School Library Journal - Tig Ripley: Hard Rock

Gr 6-9–A well-paced sequel to Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel. The girl band Pandora’s Box is back together and experiencing growing pains. Tig’s cousin Kyra is not pulling her weight as a musician, which may or may not be the result of her parents’ divorce. Tig has to navigate the dynamics of friends… View »

Cover: Out of School and Into Nature

School Library Journal - Out of School and Into Nature

Gr 1-4–Readers are introduced to naturalist Anna Comstock’s enthusiasm for nature right from the opening sentence: “From the time she was no higher than a daisy, Anna was wild about nature.” Comstock’s (1854–1930) early love of the outdoors inspired her course of study at college, where she… View »

Cover: Out of School and Into Nature

Publishers Weekly - Out of School and into Nature

Slade (The Music in George’s Head) and Lanan’s (The Story I’ll Tell) account of the life of artist and naturalist Anna Comstock unfolds against an airy, pastoral landscape, where she observed the local flora and fauna of the countryside. As Comstock grew older, so did her love for science… View »