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Cover: Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow

Publishers Weekly - Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow

Winter, winter, cold and snow;/ Chickadee, Chickadee, who do you know?” Using variations on this refrain, Palermo constructs a chain of animal interactions in a wintertime forest. Each animal responds to the question by describing another creature (“I know Bear, asleep in her den;/ she… View »

Cover: Books Do Not Have Wings

Booklist - Books Do Not Have Wings

In the immortal words of Oscar Hammerstein, “A bell is no bell ’til you ring it,” and in this picture book, Barnes and Coelho make a similar case: a book is just a book until it’s opened. Each page is filled with fantastic illusions and meticulously detailed illustrations that demonstrate… View »

Cover: Runs With Courage

Booklist - Runs with Courage

Four Winds is a 10-year-old Lakota girl who must find courage after being forced to leave her tiospaye, family community, and attend a boarding school. The novel is set in 1880, and it is evident to the reader from the beginning that white settlers have displaced and coerced the Lakota… View »

Cover: Santa's Underwear

Publishers Weekly - Santa's Underwear

Santa’s red suit is a classic, but what about what’s underneath? In Figley’s (Emily and Carlo) lighthearted holiday outing, Santa can’t find the “long, red, woolly undies” that he wears each Christmas Eve, so he has to explore other options. Kelley (Albert’s Almost Amazing Adventure)… View »

Cover: Santa's Underwear

Kirkus Reviews - Santa's Underwear

There’s nothing like underwear jokes to get kids giggling, and this funny story focuses on Santa’s entire underwear collection and which set he will wear on Christmas Eve.The cover shows a nearly nude white Santa displaying his rotund belly and a too-small pair of turquoise undies, with two… View »

Cover: Catch a Kiss

School Library Journal - Catch a Kiss

This sweet story is a perfect companion to Audrey Penn’s The Kissing Hand. Mama and Izzie are relaxing on a blanket when they begin a game of blowing kisses to each other. The kisses come in all shapes: round, zigzag, triple-decker, and shiny. At one point Izzie misses a kiss and tries in… View »

Cover: Ticktock Banneker's Clock

School Library Journal - Ticktock Banneker's Clock

This cheerfully illustrated volume centers on Benjamin Banneker’s invention of a striking clock. The story begins just as Banneker (1731–1806) has finished his farm chores for the day. He decides to take a moment to study a pocket watch lent to him by a friend. Inspired by the tiny… View »

Cover: The Wild World of Buck Bray: The Missing Grizzly Cubs

School Library Journal - The Wild World of Buck Bray: The Missing Grizzly Cubs

Buck Bray and his father are headed off to Denali National Park in Alaska to film the first episode in a new reality show about a kid exploring the wilderness. While surveying the park, Buck and Toni, the cameraman’s daughter, discover that animals are going missing. What follows is an… View »

Cover: Schnitzel: A Cautionary Tale for Lazy Louts

Kirkus Reviews - Schnitzel

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" gets a new treatment as Schnitzel, apprentice to the renowned wizard Sir Willabald, is loath to tackle the housekeeping. The weedy, white youth, a self-described “lazy lout,” especially dislikes vacuuming, as he must use a temperamental, purple-tentacled beast of… View »

Cover: Schnitzel: A Cautionary Tale for Lazy Louts

School Library Journal - Schnitzel

In this clever retelling of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” lazy Schnitzel, in an effort to avoid the household chores assigned to him by the wizard Willibald, accepts the offer of a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman for a free demonstration. However, the Thing not only gobbles up cobwebs… View »