Cover: Track that Scat!

A Review of "Track That Scat!" in Publishers Weekly

Stepping in animal poop is rarely cause for celebration, but it is for a girl named Finn in a story that invokes not one, not two, but three meanings of the word “scat.” On a wildlife walk with her basset hound, Finn introduces her brand-new sneakers to a potpourri of animal scat: “Three-toe View »

Cover: The Voyage of the Sea Wolf

A Review of "The Voyage of the Sea Wolf" in Kirkus Reviews

Ahoy ye mateys! Clamber on board the Sea Wolf for a salty adventure…
As the first in Bunting’s new series ended, 15-year-old Catherine, The Pirate Captain’s Daughter (2011), had been marooned on a desolate island with William, cabin boy and love of her young life, and the situation was lo View »

Cover: Twice as Good: The Story of William Powell and Clearview, the Only Golf Course Designed, Built, and Owned by an African American

A Review of "Twice as Good" in Golf Digest

William (Bill) Powell’s story is an inspiring one, to be sure: The grandson of slaves who was raised in Minerva, Ohio, and found it difficult to pursue his love of golf because of discrimination. It prompted him to build his own golf course, Clearview Golf Club, which opened in 1948 in East… View »

Cover: Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band

A Review of "Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band" in Washington Parent

With his wild, feathered head and bass-guitar skills, Rooster is one cool cat … er, fowl. And with the big barnyard talent show coming up, he wants to put together the best jazz band ever. Author Kwame Alexander riffs off the names of, and introduces young readers to, jazz greats, which… View »

Cover: The Best Summer Ever

A Review of "Frog and Friends: Best Summer Ever" in Booklist Online

Like the other Frog and Friends titles in the I Am a Reader! series, this installment features three small-scale adventures. In the first tale, Frog and Little Brown Bat compare and contrast their traits and characteristics, declaring that they “do not have to be the same to be friends.” In… View »

Cover: Track that Scat!

A Review of "Track that Scat!" in The Midwest Book Review

Track that Scat! is a picturebook about discovering the traces of common woodland creatures, including rabbits, chickadees, red foxes, and Canada geese. A young girl and her faithful dog venture on a woodland hike, and observe the tracks and feces of different animals (sometimes the girl… View »

Cover: Party at the Pond

A Review of "Frog and Friends" in Great Kid Books

Finding books that work just right for new readers is a tricky business, as many families know. Children who are new to reading on their own often want humor, surprises and twists in the plot – and yet they need fairly straightforward books that are easy to grasp. The wonderful Eve Bunting… View »

Cover: The Best Summer Ever

A Review of "Best Summer Ever" in Kirkus Reviews

Frog and his friends are back (Frog and Friends, 2011) in another trio of early-reader tales, but this time they focus less on humor and problem solving and more on life lessons and manners…
In the first story, Frog and Bat play a game, pointing out the ways in which they are different, t View »

Cover: What's Looking At You Kid?

A Review of "What’s Looking at You, Kid?" in Booklist

Lewis, the current Children’s Poet Laureate, offers rhymes as riddles. Examples include “Hanging in the air’s the thing / he can do without a wing / Look, a yo-yo on a string! Whee!” and “Look who’s into something sweet. / She must live on Honey Street. / She’s got honey on her feet!” Each… View »

Cover: Surviving the Hindenburg

A Review of "Surviving the Hindenburg" in Booklist

The 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster is a good chance to rope in discussion of the 1937 explosion of the Hindenburg, which, as Verstraete’s foreword details, was nearly as long as the Titanic and intended to be “the world’s first flying hotel.” Told from the point of view of the… View »