Cover: F is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet

A Review of "F is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet" in Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

Many people have colorful quilts on the beds in their homes, and they never really think too much about them. They do not realize that quilt designs often have a story, and that making a quilt takes many hours of painstaking work…
In this very special nonfiction picture book, Helen L. Wil View »

Cover: Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

A Review of "Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" in Greatest Books for Kids

Stella Batts feels she is a very lucky girl. After all, it’s not every day you get to have parents who own a candy store and have their children as official taste-testers! So, when her Dad brings home his new magical gum, Stella and her younger sister can’t wait to try it out… View »

Cover: That's What Friends Are For

A Review of "That’s What Friends Are For" in School Library Journal

Gr 1-3–In this warmhearted beginning reader, best buddies Tugg, a lovable gorilla, and Teeny, an eager monkey, help a sad hippo find her self-esteem, a rhinoceros locate his missing horn, and avoid making their friends angry when Teeny leaves wet, violet-colored paint on the picnic-table… View »

Cover: The People of Twelve Thousand Winters

A Review of "The People of Twelve Thousand Winters" in Children's Literature

Walking Turtle of the Lenni Lenape lives with his people along the Passaic River in what will one day become the state of New Jersey. He is very kind to his young cousin Little Talk who with his crooked foot depends on Walking Turtle to carry him wherever he goes. Walking Turtle’s family… View »

Cover: The Town that Fooled the British

A Review of "The Town That Fooled the British" in The Midwest Book Review

The Town That Fooled the British: A War of 1812 Story" is a historic reconstruction tale from the Tales of Young Americans series, introducing the character of young Henry Middle, a fictional but realistically based hero from St. Michaels, Maryland, a town of shipbuilders. The mighty… View »

Cover: The Twelve Days of Christmas

A Review of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in Kirkus Reviews

This version of the traditional holiday carol features a restrained, streamlined interpretation intended for younger children who may not be familiar with the song’s complicated cast of characters. Most illustrated editions of this song use a cumulative approach, resulting in concluding… View »

Cover: The Voyage of the Sea Wolf

A Review of "The Voyage of the Sea Wolf" in School Library Journal

Gr 5-7–Marooned on an island in The Pirate Captain’s Daughter (Sleeping Bear, 2011), Catherine and William are rescued by the pirate crew of the Sea Wolf at the start of this story. The two lovers vow to stay together, but they are not prepared for what awaits them. Catherine is surprised… View »

Cover: T is for Twin Cities: A Minneapolis/St. Paul Alphabet

A Review of "T is for Twin Cities: A Minneapolis/St. Paul Alphabet" in Midwest Book Review

“T is for Twin Cities: A Minneapolis/St. Paul Alphabet” is a historically based colorful alphabet book that explores famous landmarks and traditions of the Minneapolis/ St, Paul area in Minnesota. Every page features a letter related to a special Twin Cities feature, subject, or topic, with… View »

Cover: Twice as Good: The Story of William Powell and Clearview, the Only Golf Course Designed, Built, and Owned by an African American

A Review of "Twice as Good" in School Library Journal

K-Gr 3–For third-grader Willie Powell, the new golf course was a beautiful sight. One day, he approached two white golfers and asked the kinder looking of the men to teach him to play. His reply was, “Son, didn’t anyone ever tell you that your kind is not welcome here?” “Of course, Willie… View »

Cover: Smudge and the Book of Mistakes: A Christmas Story

A Review of "Smudge and the Book of Mistakes: A Christmas Story" in School Library Journal

A talented but easily frustrated young man is transformed by the encouragement and belief of the right mentor. Like many boys, Cuthbert is impatient, lacks discipline, and doesn’t like making mistakes. After his annoyed father sends him to a monastery, he ends up in the scriptorium, where… View »