Cover: Stella Batts: A Case of the Meanies Reviews "Stella Batts: A Case of the Meanies"

The fourth installment in Courtney Sheinmel’s Stella Batts series, A Case of the Meanies, continues the heated story between third graders Stella and Joshua. Their rivalry steps it up a notch when Joshua decides to have his birthday party at Stella’s parent’s candy store. And of course… View »


Deck the Walls

Let’s face it; wassailing and chestnuts just don’t accurately reflect most kids’ Christmases. Enter this fractious take on “Deck the Halls.” First, there is the big dinner with the extended family: “Uncle Harvey stands before us. / Fa la la la la / la la la la / Why do aunts and uncles bore… View »

Cover: Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop Reviews "Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop"

“Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop” is written by Helen L. Wilbur and illustrated by John Manders. It’s about a New York cop and his partner, a horse named Finnegan…
The story includes information about how a police horse is trained, but it’s also about one day in the life of a police ho View »

Cover: Delia's Dull Day: An Incredibly Boring Story Reviews "Delia's Dull Day"

A great book all about perception. Delia is a young girl who is convinced every day of her life is dull, boring, and uneventful. Her attentions are on her accidents, handheld electrical devices, day dreaming, doodling, repetitive practices, personal discomforts, and daily routines. If Delia… View »

Cover: No Year of the Cat Reviews "No Year of the Cat"

“No Year of the Cat” by Mary Dodson Wade and illustrated by Nicole Wong is a lovely retelling of a Chinese folktale explaining why the Chinese calendar features the animals it does — and no cat. The illustrations are beautiful — pastel with an Eastern feel…
The emperor decides he needs View »

Cover: No Year of the Cat

No Year of the Cat

One night last year, you went to bed and woke up a year later…
It wasn’t magic or because you were really tired. It happened because it was New Year’s Eve: you went to sleep in 2012 and woke up to 2013. Next December, you’ll do it again with a whole new year.

If you lived in China, you View »

Cover: Lily's Victory Garden

War and Peace: Book Reviews from the Children's Literature and Reading SIG

When Lily is considered too young to qualify for a Victory Garden during WWII, the determined girl takes things into her own hands and approaches a neighbor who has a piece of land that isn’t being used. He agrees but does so reluctantly and with the admonition not to disturb his wife who… View »

Cover: F is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet

F Is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet

F Is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet…
by Helen L. Wilbur and Illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen

I’ve never quite figured out my addiction to alphabet books. I don’t have children of my own (although I do have nieces and nephews who now have their own offspring), so I can’t hide be View »

Cover: Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop

Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop

It’s a classic New York City buddy-cop story, but one of the officers is 10 years old, weighs more than 1,200 pounds, and has four hooves. Wilbur (F Is for Friend-ship: A Quilt Alphabet) offers a lighthearted tribute to the NYPD’s Mounted Unit, with seen-it-all narration provided by a horse… View »

Cover: The Quilt Walk

The Quilt Walk review - January SLJ

Gr 3-6–Ten-year-old Emmy Blue’s life on a farm near Quincy, Illinois, is just fine until her father announces that the family is moving to Colorado where gold is being mined. He hopes to build a store and sell supplies to miners. Emmy’s mother, Meggie, is not happy about the move and having… View »