Cover: Memoirs of a Hamster

The Simple Moms Reviews "Memoirs of a Hamster"

When you were a kid did you ever wonder what life was like from your pet’s point of view? The newest literary hit at our house from Sleeping Bear Press is just that, a hilarious accounting of 2 weeks in the life of one pet hamster…
In Memoirs of a Hamster, Seymour the hamster share View »

Cover: Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop

School Library Journal Reviews "Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop"

Finnegan, a horse, and his partner, Officer Fox, patrol the Times Square area of New York City as part of the NYPD Mounted Unit. While on duty, they stop to talk with street vendors, locals, and a group of children from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Finnegan is impressed with the students’ knowledge… View »

Cover: In Andal's House

School Library Journal Reviews "In Andal's House"

In this introduction to the Hindu caste system, Kumar is invited to his friend Andal’s house to watch the fireworks for the celebration of Diwali. Andal is high-caste Brahmin, and his family is very wealthy. Kumar’s family had been outcasts and are concerned about the visit. Kumar is the… View »

Cover: Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears

School Library Journal Reviews "Jasper's Story"

After her first encounter with the horrific practice of bear farming in China, Robinson made it her life’s work to rescue and rehabilitate as many of these abused animals as possible. She has also worked to end the cruel practice of bile extraction. Jasper’s Story tells of one moon bear and… View »

Cover: Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears

A Book and A Hug Reviews "Jasper's Story"

“The small cages clattered and clanked and clanged as the truck made its way toward the Moon Bear Rescue Center” near Chengdu, China. This truck is carrying the precious cargo of Moon Bears who have been rescued from “horrid captive conditions” where their bile has been harvested to be used… View »

Cover: Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale

School Library Journal Reviews "Johnny Kaw"

This folk hero is larger-than-life in every sense of the word. In an effort to find a farm big enough for their boy, who seems to “gain a pound every hour,” the Kaw family heads westward. After crossing the Missouri River into what will become Kansas, the Kaws feel that they have found a… View »

Cover: Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale

Midwest Book Review: "Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale"

“Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale” is a legendary folk hero creation tale from the plains and valleys of Kansas. In the tradition of Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan, Johnny Kaw is a young giant of a lad born to ordinary parents who finds his best landscape in the great Kansas landscape… View »

Cover: Memoirs of a Hamster

Midwest Book Review: "Memoirs of a Hamster"

Everything can be perfect until someone else shows up and ruins it all for us. “Memoirs of a Hamster” children’s picturebook following the unusual adventures of Seymour the hamster who tries to escape the arrival of a new cat in his home to screw up in his perfect life. When his escape goes… View »

Cover: Paper Son

School Library Journal Reviews "Paper Son: Lee's Journey to America"

Lee, 12, lives with his grandparents. His parents have died, but it was their wish that he go to America for better opportunities. In 1926, conditions are difficult in China, and the boy’s loving grandparents sadly agree that leaving would be the best thing for him. Immigration laws… View »

Cover: The People of Twelve Thousand Winters

The Old Schoolhouse Reviews "The People of Twelve Thousand Winters"

In The People of Twelve Thousand Winters, Walking Turtle shares what it is like to be part of the Lenni Lenape tribe. Speaking in first person, he tells us how he got his name, about his cousin and his family. He shares some of the tribe’s beliefs. We get a glimpse of what his life… View »