Cover: Travel Guide for Monsters

Booklist - Travel Guide for Monsters

Page after page of brightly colored illustrations put the monsters on hilarious display, and a map at the book’s end shows all the stops on this outlandish road trip. A must-bring for any family road trips or vacation adventure.
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Cover: Daddy Loves You!

Kirkus Reviews - Daddy Loves You

As in her previous titles in the series, James’ first-person narrator, a bipedal but unclothed father bunny in Brown’s illustrations, describes the many ways he shares his love and affection with his child….Brilliant spring colors and adorable, loving animals make this a title kids will… View »

Cover: Memoirs of a Tortoise

Kirkus Reviews - Memoirs of a Tortoise

Kirkus Starred Review!!…
A tortoise reflects on a year in its life.
Oliver is an 80-year-old tortoise and lives in a sunny, flowery, tropical-looking landscape with his “pet” white human, Ike, who’s also 80. The two are dear friends, and Oliver reflects on how he and Ike love each other an View »

Cover: Where'd My Jo Go?

Kirkus Reviews - Where'd My Jo Go?

A small dog named Big Al gets left behind at a truck stop, where he waits for his owner to come back for him.Jo drives a big, blue rig with Al in the seat next to her, sharing life on the road. Al has white fur with rust-colored spots and dark, expressive eyes, poignantly illustrated on the… View »

Cover: Bread for Words: A Frederick Douglass Story

School Library Journal Online - Bread for Words: A Frederick Douglass Story

Gr 2-5–This picture book biography focuses on Frederick Douglass’s childhood quest to learn to read and write. Narrated from his point of view, the text follows Douglass from one master to the next while he realizes that literacy would be the key to his freedom. Douglass employs a creative… View »

Cover: Otis P. Oliver Protests

Kirkus Reviews - Otis P. Oliver Protests

This comical tale about achieving one’s aims creatively should strike a resounding chord with kids, particularly those who aren’t on speaking terms with bathtubs themselves. Children will giggle at Otis’ tactics and back-and-forth correspondence. The expressive illustrations are humorous… View »

Cover: The Voice That Won the Vote: How One Woman's Words Made History

School Library Journal - The Voice That Won the Vote: How One Woman’s Words Made History

Gr 1-5–Engaging cartoon illustrations and snappy text make this story about women’s suffrage perfect for very young children. The familiar heroines of the movement (Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul) are included only in a time line, as the book’s main characters are Harry Burn, a little-known… View »

Cover: Winged Wonders: Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery

School Library Journal - Winged Wonders: Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery

Gr 2-4–Pincus explains, in somewhat lyrical (but not rhyming) text, the great annual migration of millions of monarch butterflies from southern Canada through the central United States and high into Mexico’s volcanic mountains. The butterflies settle in the groves of oyamel trees where the… View »

Cover: Travel Guide for Monsters

Kirkus Reviews - Travel Guide for Monsters

Buckle up and get ready for a rollicking road trip with merry monsters. This cast of joyful monsters in bright colors with myriad different sizes, shapes, facial features, and appendages is guaranteed to make young readers giggle. In this tour of urban and nature-based tourist attractions… View »

Cover: Boats Will Float

Kirkus Reviews - Boats Will Float

Rosenbaum’s text consists of easy, rolling rhymes, with plenty of descriptive language to conjure up the scene: “Sunlight sizzles, hot and bright”; boats “rise and fall in liquid motion”; Salty breezes. / Seagulls squalling." There’s plenty of engaging visual detail, including a spread in… View »