Cover: Hu Wan and the Sleeping Dragon

Booklist - Hu Wan and the Sleeping Dragon

In 1572, Hu Wan works with his grandfather in their vegetable garden near the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Their specialty is growing gourds, which are shaped into useful kitchen utensils such as bowls and large spoons to be sold at their village market. Each spring, as the gourds… View »

Cover: An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth

Booklist - An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth

A humble gray moth opens the story, comparing itself to more notable species. Not as large as the Atlas moth or as cool as the spider moth, it sees itself as ordinary. Meanwhile, a boy is delighted to discover the moth. His little sister reacts differently, calling it dusty and gray, but… View »

Cover: Be a Good Dragon

School Library Journal - Be a Good Dragon

PreS-Gr 2–When Enzo the dragon gets sick, nothing but trouble follows him. Unable to stave off his accidental attacks of fire-breathing sneezes, the neighborhood wizard tricks the dragon into getting some sleep and getting rid of his cold. Cyrus’s rhyming text is consistent in its rhythm… View »

Cover: Dirty Birdies

Publishers Weekly - Dirty Birdies

Part counting book, part tribute to messy good times, Sattler’s exuberant board book introduces five goofy-looking, none-too-clean birds. A long-legged, polka-dotted bird can’t resist a muddy puddle; it then heads indoors where a tiny green duck is going wild with purple paint (“1 dirty… View »

Cover: May I Come In?

School Library Journal - May I Come In?

PreS-Gr 1–Afraid to be home alone during a storm, Raccoon sets out to find a friend to stay with. Turns out that the homes of Possum, Quail, and Woodchuck are too small to share. Cold and dejected, Raccoon makes one last stop at Rabbit’s house where he is certain that the large rabbit… View »

Cover: Mela and the Elephant

Publishers Weekly - Mela and the Elephant

Phumiruk (Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines) takes readers to the country of her birth in an instructive contemporary fable about kindess, set in a village in Northern Thailand. A girl named Mela sets off to explore the nearby banks of the Ping River, refusing to bring along her… View »

Cover: Hardscrabble

Kirkus Reviews - Hardscrabble

A close-knit family endures the rough life of farming in Colorado in the early 20th century. Hail, snow, locusts, sickness, death—the list of setbacks encountered by the Martin family as they try to earn their homestead by farming the dry ground of Colorado is a long one. But they can… View »

Cover: My Family Four Floors Up

Booklist - My Family Four Floors Up

A little girl is ready to start her day in this lovely rhyming story that takes readers on her adventures. After a good breakfast, she and her father say goodbye to their cat and walk four floors down, making the journey to the park with their dog, and passing many different people along… View »

Cover: My Family Four Floors Up

School Library Journal - My Family Four Floors Up

A child, her father, cat, and dog wake up to an ordinary day in their fourth floor apartment. The family members head down the four flights onto a city sidewalk, over to the park, and back up the stairs and into their apartment for a familiar routine. The minimal but playful, singsong… View »

Cover: May I Come In?

Kirkus Reviews - May I Come In?

Thunderstorms are for sharing." Rain poured. /Raccoon shivered. / Thunder roared./ Raccoon quivered." Raccoon is not altogether comfortable alone in his den as the storm outside rages. Nevertheless, he braves the wet night in order to find some company with whom he can share his… View »