Cover: Rock and Vole

Kirkus Reviews - Rock and Vole

An intrepid vole sets out on an adventure (with a meticulously thought-out plan).
Vole, a squat little nugget with big, bright eyes and wisps of lashes, is very persnickety. She follows the same routine every day. She begins the morning with (precisely) 7 minutes of exercise. At snack… View →

Cover: The Lady of the Library

School Library Journal - Lady of the Library

This tale in verse tells the story of a library, on the brink of closure, and people who try to save it. The book starts with staff packing boxes of books and removing things from the building. The lady of the library, a ghost who has haunted the place for decades, discovers from a young… View →

Cover: Let's Pop, Pop, Popcorn!

School Library Journal - Let's Pop, Pop, Popcorn

Popcorn is often one of life’s great mysteries when you are very young. This book helps kids understand where popcorn comes from and how it explodes into being, all the way from planting seeds to enjoying a bowlful. The rhyming text is short and harder words (e.g., pericarps) are featured… View →

Cover: Isabel and Her Colores Go to School

Kirkus Reviews - Isabel and Her Colores Go to School

Isabel is anxious about her first day at Honeytree Elementary. Isabel speaks Spanish and doesn’t understand much English—she is scared of everything that could go wrong. Mami encourages her to be brave, and Isabel joins the class even though the swirl of language in her new classroom sounds View →

Cover: Summer of the Tree Army: A Civilian Conservation Corps Story

Midwest Book Reviews - Summer of the Tree Army

“[This title] offers a particularly vibrant artistic embellishment of this history of the start and evolution of the Civilian Conservation Corps … This adds to the Tales of Young Americans series and covers the evolution of a social program, yet employs the drama of a fictional piece and… View →

Cover: The Color Collector

Library Mom Books

“This tender tale skillfully depicts the impact of the boy’s kindness in the black and white illustrations that light up with color as the friendship blooms. The acts of saying hello and listening may seem simple, but this story demonstrates the powerful effect empathy can have in changing… View →

Cover: Headstrong Hallie!: The Story of Hallie Morse Daggett, the First Female "Fire Guard"

Midwest Book Reviews - Headstrong Hallie!: The Story of Hallie Morse Daggett, the First Female “Fire Guard”

“From boarding school in San Francisco to her struggles with a Forest Service that refuses to hire a woman, this is an appealing story that personalizes her life and ambitions.”

View →
Cover: Racial Justice in America: Topics for Change

Midwest Book Reviews - Racial Justice in America: Topics for Change

“Designed to reach a wide audience of all ages, this book’s survey of racism, anti-racism movements, white privilege, and other topics often deemed “too adult” for children will encourages early enlightenment and racial issue savvy.” View →

Cover: Marching for Change: Movements Across America

Midwest Book Reviews - Marching for Change: Movements Across America

“[This title] documents famous marches in US history, their impact on effecting change, and considers connections between action and change that reinforce the ideals of American values while drawing important connections between marches and decisions made to support freedom.” View →

Cover: A Teacher Like You

The Tiny Activist - A Teacher Like You

“This book is the third installment of the “A _____ Like You” series, and once again the story knocks it out of the park! The narrative flows from page to page, discussing the impact and originality of every teacher.” View →