Cover: The Peach Pit Parade: A World War I Story

School Library Connection - The Peach Pit Parade

“Part of the Tales of Young Americans series, author Shana Keller takes a little-known episode from World War I and weaves it into not only a story about family, but one of determination to help and the strength of community to make things happen… An engaging story with many truths to tell.” View →

Cover: Hello, Baby! I'm Your Mom

Publishers Weekly - Hello, Baby! I'm Your Mom

“Bunting articulates the unique attributes of each creature via rhyming couplets, which also frequently stress the mothers’ awareness of youth’s ephemerality… Ishida’s luminous, full-spread renderings gently support Bunting in exploring parent-baby bonding.” View →

Cover: Mushroom Rain

San Francisco Book Review - Mushroom Rain

“Mushroom Rain is a valuable contribution to the body of nonfiction children’s books concerning the natural world… Elementary school educators will find this a treasurable resource for their classrooms.” View →

Cover: So Much More to Helen: The Passions and Pursuits of Helen Keller

Booklist STARRED REVIEW - So Much More to Helen: The Passions and Pursuits of Helen Keller

“This picture book celebrates the many accomplishments of Helen Keller, emphasizing remarkable achievements throughout her entire life that are often overlooked in favor of the story of her early years… Whether adults sharing this book choose to include the biographical asides or… View →

Cover: Hello, Baby! I'm Your Mom

City Book Reviews - Hello, Baby! I'm Your Mom

“In this book, the illustrations are executed by Jui Ishida, who brings lovely colors and warm mom/baby interactions to life from a circle of protective mother elephants to the porcupine’s maternal hug…The author is an Irish-born Californian who has written over two hundred and fifty books… View →

Cover: A Parliament of Owls

Kirkus Reviews - A Parliament of Owls

Readers learn the collective nouns for groups of animals in this picture book…As colorful and raucous a collection of animals as ever was. View →

Cover: Bug on the Rug

Kirkus Reviews - Bug on the Rug

This is a pleasing, comical story about finding common ground, owning mistakes, and accepting differences. Readers will enjoy the hilarious proceedings conveyed through jaunty rhymes that scan well and the characters’ expressive mugging. Rhyming words and opportunities for rich vocabulary… View →

Cover: Monsters in the Briny

Kirkus Reviews - Monsters in the Briny

Meanwhile, the perfectly scanned rhymes are complemented by delicious words like bilious, slewing, and peevish. Don’t know the tune? Sheet music is provided at the end alongside a section offering more info on each mythic sea creature, adroitly named “Now, Here Be Our Monsters.”… View →

Cover: Summer's Call: A Michigan Day

Kirkus Reviews - Summer's Call: A Michigan Day

Hellewell has created a nostalgic, rose-tinted narrative, enhanced by illustrations that harken back to the idealized childhood world of Tasha Tudor’s picture books…Backmatter with instructions on how to make a mobile to capture summer memories will spark the imaginations of creative readers. View →

Cover: Too Many Pigs in the Pool

Kirkus Reviews - Too Many Pigs in the Pool

Like a low-stakes version of Demi’s classic math tale One Grain of Rice, this amusing story will suit younger readers learning key mathematical concepts. Comical, cartoonish art sneaks in clever little details (like the pig conducting a workout routine wearing a headset). Math plus swine View →