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Grade 4

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Goodnight Baby Bear

Baby Bear shares special moments with all the important people in his life. With Momma, he gets to spend time in the garden, picnicking and planting butterfly bushes. With Daddy, he spends… More →

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Grady the Goose

From the moment she hatches from her egg, Grady Goose has to do things her way, often ignoring her parents' rule of "stick together." But when she lags behind as the rest of her family leaves More →

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Handkerchief Quilt

For many years, Monday through Friday, Miss Anderson has walked to Parkland School, eager to begin her day's work in her classroom. She is a devoted teacher, beloved by the many children she… More →

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Language Arts


2020-2021 South Carolina Book Awards 2019 Wrangler Award for Outstanding Juvenile Book Winner 2019 Spur Award - Western Writer's of America Finalist In 1910, after losing their farm in… More →

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