Cover: Bear at the Fair

Bear at the Fair

A hangry bear goes on a rampage through a local fair—pushing friends aside, roaring, and generally doing all the nasty things we do when we’re hungry. Finally, sweet Shrew identifies the problem and Hare conjures up a quick snack. Satisfied, and a little ashamed, Bear apologizes and insists on fixing the damage he’s caused. Until Shrew gets a bit hangry herself…

A funny, rhyming romp that introduces readers to phonics and decodable text.

Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Kindergarten
Number of Pages 40
Dimensions 11 x 9


Available Formats Hardcover (9781534112803), PDF (9781668945148), Hosted ebook (9781668945650)
Publication Date 08/15/2024
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Language English
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