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Cover: Leopold the Lion

Kirkus Reviews - Leopold the Lion

Keeping a lion as a pet is never easy. Jack and Ella find a lion in their backyard, a lion that can perform backflips and somersaults on the trampoline! They, of course, want to keep him. Sneaking him by their parents is simple (they are busy, and the role reversal portrayed in their jobs… View »

Cover: The Little Kids' Table

Kirkus Reviews - The Little Kids' Table

The little-kids’ table is where the fun is. Duh! Grown-ups can keep their fancy-schmancy dishes and the icky green stuff they put on them. At this celebration of the family meal divided into adult and kid tables, much of the charm resides in Riehle’s unselfconscious couplets—"Mom piles food… View »

Cover: Papa's Backpack

School Library Journal - Papa's Backpack

Papa’s Backpack begins with a thoughtful dedication to military families but becomes a much more universal allegory for separation by employing the simple symbolism of a child riding piggyback. Carroll’s use of spare and emotional language and earthy illustrations that play on contrasts and… View »

Cover: Tallulah

School Library Journal - Tallulah: Mermaid of the Great Lakes

A group of young mermaids is given instruction on searching for a personal gemstone to enhance their tail colors and deign magical powers that allow them to assist mariners and create “enchanting melodies.” Platinum haired Tallulah (her name is Native American for “leaping water”) lacks… View »

Cover: Promise

Booklist - Promise

The town of Promise is a tight-knit one, but 11-year-old Kaden has always been on the outside, with only a half-tame raven for a friend. He and his strict grandmother live simply just outside the town limits and keep to themselves, barely acknowledging their old family shame: Kaden’s father… View »

Cover: Papa's Backpack

Booklist - Papa's Backpack

A young bear wishes it could travel along in its father’s backpack when Papa has to “go away for awhile.” The cub understands that Papa is a soldier and that he leaves in order to protect the cub. Maintaining a child’s perspective, the little bear expresses its sadness, imagines what the… View »

Cover: T is for Time

School Library Journal - T is for Time

This title offers an overview of concepts related to time, listed in alphabetical order: “A is for Almanac,” “D is for Daylight Saving,” “E is for Einstein,” “G is for Greenwich Mean Time,” and “K is for Kukulcan Pyramid.” Accompanied by sweet, painterly illustrations that hark back to… View »

Cover: Stagestruck: Curtain Up!

Booklist - Stagestruck: Curtain Up!

Never underestimate the power of a Broadway-obsessed tween. Readers familiar with the drama kid phenomenon—encompassing camps, voice lessons, dance classes, predawn drives to auditions, and trips to New York City to see the Great White Way—will not be surprised at the energy and… View »

Cover: Papa's Backpack

Kirkus Reviews Starred - Papa's Backpack

Papa has gone for a soldier, and in poetic language, a bear cub imagines going along. Drifting into rhyme and out again the young narrator explains the situation thus, with an artfully placed page turn in the middle: “My Papa is a soldier, and sometimes soldiers go… / away for a while, to… ”/editorial_reviews/227">View »

Cover: The Flying Hand of Marco B.

School Library Journal - The Flying Hand of Marco B.

Though little Marco’s mother keeps asking him to keep his hand inside the car while it’s moving, he can’t resist the temptation. Soon he is sucked out the window and soars up to the clouds, greeting birds, all led by his flying hand. When Marco makes it all the way to outer space and sees… View »