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Cover: At Marsh in Meadow

Booklist - At the Marsh in the Meadow

A freshwater marsh is much more than just standing water. From the mucky mud and the reeds growing in it to mayflies nibbling its algae to the eagle swooping down to catch a fish, the marsh teems with life. Using the cumulative style and cadence of “This Is the House That Jack Built,”… View »

Cover: Grandpa Loves You!

Publishers Weekly - Grandpa Loves You!

In this inspiration-minded companion to Grandma Loves You! and Grandma’s Christmas Wish, the straw-colored bunny from those books spends time with his grandfather. Writing in rhyme, James narrates from the perspective of the elder rabbit, while Brown shows the two rabbits playing in an… View »

Cover: Good Trick Walking Stick

Booklist - Good Trick Walking Stick!

Perhaps it’s their talent for camouflage, but the oft-overlooked walking stick finally gets its due in this beautifully illustrated picture book. In a style reminiscent of Steve Jenkins, this book takes readers through the life of a stick insect, from the moment this slender bug hatches… View »

Cover: At Marsh in Meadow

School Library Journal - At the Marsh in the Meadow

The food chain is brought to life in a “The House That Jack Built”-esque poem with cumulative phrases. Readers see how algae at the bottom of a marsh supports the mayflies, which are in turn food for the water spiders. The water spiders are prey for the dragon flies, which sustain the… View »

Cover: Good Trick Walking Stick

Kirkus Reviews - Good Trick, Walking Stick

Stick insects have tricks that make them highly successful creatures. Designed for reading aloud, Bestor’s two-level text provides an overview of a walking stick’s life. A simple, circular narrative begins in winter, with eggs hidden under the snow, and goes through spring hatching, a… View »

Cover: Mr. Goat's Valentine

School Library Journal - Mr. Goat's Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Goat sets off to find the perfect gift for his first love. Nothing says “I love you” to a goat more than a tin can filled with ragweed salad, two-year-old rotten eggs, and the aroma of skunk-scented perfume. When Goat realizes that he does not have a card, he… View »

Cover: Mr. Goat's Valentine

Publishers Weekly Starred Review - Mr. Goats' Valentine

For readers who think Valentine’s Day is too sappy, Bunting and Zimmer have an ideal antidote. That’s because Mr. Goat’s idea of the perfect gifts for his “first love” include ragweed salad in a rusty can and two-year-old rotten eggs. “Guaranteed foul and disgusting,” says the proud vendor… View »

Cover: Mr. Goat's Valentine

Booklist - Mr. Goat's Valentine

Apparently in the goat world, typical Valentine’s Day offerings are not chocolates and fragrant flower arrangements in lovely vases, but rather rotten eggs (the older the better) and weeds in cans (the rustier the better). Mr. Goat is on the search for a valentine for his first love and… View »

Cover: Mr. McGinty's Monarchs

Kirkus Reviews - Mr. McGinty's Monarchs

Mr. McGinty and his dog, Sophie, perform a heroic monarch rescue. When the monarch caterpillars’ host plants on the roadside are cut down, Mr. McGinty gathers the tiny creatures, houses them properly in aquariums, and shares them with schoolchildren who nurture them until they grow into… View »

Cover: Grandpa Loves You!

Kirkus Reviews - Grandpa Loves You!

A grandfather rabbit celebrates the birth of a new baby bunny and recounts the many adventures they will have. Grandpa—complete with bushy, white brows and gray, furry coat—is delighted when his grandbunny is born. Sweet prose follows the cotton-tailed duo. “Life is much better / with you… ”/editorial_reviews/253">View »