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Cover: Papa's Backpack

Booklist - Papa's Backpack

A young bear wishes it could travel along in its father’s backpack when Papa has to “go away for awhile.” The cub understands that Papa is a soldier and that he leaves in order to protect the cub. Maintaining a child’s perspective, the little bear expresses its sadness, imagines what the… View »

Cover: T is for Time

School Library Journal - T is for Time

This title offers an overview of concepts related to time, listed in alphabetical order: “A is for Almanac,” “D is for Daylight Saving,” “E is for Einstein,” “G is for Greenwich Mean Time,” and “K is for Kukulcan Pyramid.” Accompanied by sweet, painterly illustrations that hark back to… View »

Cover: Stagestruck: Curtain Up!

Booklist - Stagestruck: Curtain Up!

Never underestimate the power of a Broadway-obsessed tween. Readers familiar with the drama kid phenomenon—encompassing camps, voice lessons, dance classes, predawn drives to auditions, and trips to New York City to see the Great White Way—will not be surprised at the energy and… View »

Cover: Papa's Backpack

Kirkus Reviews Starred - Papa's Backpack

Papa has gone for a soldier, and in poetic language, a bear cub imagines going along. Drifting into rhyme and out again the young narrator explains the situation thus, with an artfully placed page turn in the middle: “My Papa is a soldier, and sometimes soldiers go… / away for a while, to… ”/editorial_reviews/227">View »

Cover: The Flying Hand of Marco B.

School Library Journal - The Flying Hand of Marco B.

Though little Marco’s mother keeps asking him to keep his hand inside the car while it’s moving, he can’t resist the temptation. Soon he is sucked out the window and soars up to the clouds, greeting birds, all led by his flying hand. When Marco makes it all the way to outer space and sees… View »

Cover: Stagestruck: Curtain Up!

School Library Journal - Stagestruck: Curtain Up!

Twelve-year-old Anya is a self-professed theater geek, but there isn’t much opportunity for middle schoolers in suburban Chappaqua to flex their drama muscles. So Anya decides to start her own theater in the neighborhood clubhouse. With the help of her little sister Susan and Austin, a cute… View »

Cover: Papa's Backpack

Publishers Weekly - Papa's Backpack

A small bear wishes he could join his soldier father while he is away. Carroll (The Boy and the Moon) places the bears in a kind of tribal society: they wear feathers on their heads and tunics decorated with spirals and stripes, and the bear’s fellow soldiers are a mixed-species outfit of… View »

Cover: The Flying Hand of Marco B.

Booklist - The Flying Hand of Marco B.

This fanciful picture book plays upon the idea of a simple delight that turns into an unexpected flight. Marco B. is safely buckled up in the backseat of the car, his hand sneaking out the window to swoop and soar in the breeze. His mother tells him to keep his hand inside, but it keeps… View »

Cover: The Flying Hand of Marco B.

Publishers Weekly - The Flying Hand of Marco B.

Like many parents, Marco’s mother cautions her son to keep his hand inside the car while they’re driving; like many kids, he doesn’t listen. But after Marco is swept out the window and into the sky, his initial glee turns to worry: “The earth’s so big, so blue, so vast./ How’d I get so… ”/editorial_reviews/224">View »

Cover: Lizzie and the Last Day of School

School Library Journal - Lizzie and the Last Day of School

PreS-Gr 1–A book for those children and teachers who enjoy school and don’t want it to end. Lizzie and her first grade teacher, Miss G., have enjoyed reading and math, finding out about gardening, healthy eating, and exercise. Miss G. makes learning so much fun that when Lizzie returns home… View »