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Cover: B is for Beacon

School Library Journal - B is for Beacon

In this alphabet book, in which X marks the spot, each letter is represented by a poem that is paired with a few paragraphs of facts. Some letters stretch to make lighthouses a part of their domain (F is for Festivals, N is for November), but there is at least one illustration of a… View »

Cover: Catch a Kiss

Kirkus Reviews - Catch a Kiss

Mama and Izzie play at blowing kisses in the garden. Mama’s first kiss, a “tiny, round” one, alights on the tip of Izzie’s nose. Izzie catches the second, a “zigzag” one, in the crook of her elbow. But when Mama sends a triple-decker, Izzie’s able to catch only the first two, distressing… View »

Cover: Good Trick Walking Stick

School Library Journal - Good Trick Walking Stick!

This delightful story explains the life cycle of a walking stick bug from egg stage through adulthood. Many characteristics of various species are explored as “tricks” that these insects perform. The life cycle and “tricks” are discussed in a narrative style, and each spread includes… View »

Cover: Crossing the Deadline

Booklist - Crossing the Deadline

Desperate to help support his mother and escape his cruel uncle, Stephen, 13, secretly enlists in the Civil War in 1863, following in the footsteps of his brother, Robert, killed fighting for the Union. Although Stephen is too young to be a soldier, he is not too young to use his skills as… View »

Cover: Stella Batts Scaredy Cat

Kirkus Reviews - Stella Batts Scaredy Cat

Stella Batts, somewhat intrepid third-grader, is back for another adventure, and this time she’s worried about bad luck—and ghosts. It should be a fun, thrilling time, because her class won the sleepover-in-the-school-library contest, but first the white girl breaks a mirror, and then her… View »

Cover: Horace: Secret of Scarab Beetle

Booklist - The Secret of the Scarab Beetle

Horace is preoccupied with making the best of sixth grade and avoiding the class bully when word comes that his beloved grandfather has died under mysterious circumstances. When Horace’s family goes to his grandparents’ farm to sort through things and care for his semi-lucid grandmother… View »

Cover: Crossing the Deadline

School Library Journal - Crossing the Dead Line

In this highly relatable work of historical fiction, Shoulders brings to life one of the darkest chapters in American history: the Civil War. The narrative revolves around 13-year-old Stephen Gaston, who manages to enlist in the Union Army to support his mother, despite being underage. As a… View »

Cover: Horace: Secret of Scarab Beetle

School Library Journal - The Secret of the Scarab Beetle

When mild-mannered sixth grader Horace J. Edwards moves to the sleepy town of Niles, MI, his life takes an unexpected turn. A death occurs in the family, and mysterious things start to happen. Grandmother, who suffers from dementia, begs Horace to find the key, open the secret door, and… View »

Cover: At Marsh in Meadow

Booklist - At the Marsh in the Meadow

A freshwater marsh is much more than just standing water. From the mucky mud and the reeds growing in it to mayflies nibbling its algae to the eagle swooping down to catch a fish, the marsh teems with life. Using the cumulative style and cadence of “This Is the House That Jack Built,”… View »

Cover: Grandpa Loves You!

Publishers Weekly - Grandpa Loves You!

In this inspiration-minded companion to Grandma Loves You! and Grandma’s Christmas Wish, the straw-colored bunny from those books spends time with his grandfather. Writing in rhyme, James narrates from the perspective of the elder rabbit, while Brown shows the two rabbits playing in an… View »