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Cover: Around the World Right Now

School Library Journal - Around the World Right Now

A clever nonfiction picture book that introduces the concepts of time zones, continents, and culture. Readers begin their international journey at six o’clock in San Francisco and then progress through each time zone, moving across the Atlantic, roaming through Europe, and so on, before… View »

Cover: Ghost Cat

School Library Journal - Ghost Cat

Although no longer living, Sailor Boy, an opaque ghost cat, rendered in pen-and-ink, hasn’t left his owner’s side. This title is set in the 19th century, in a lighthouse in Port Carrick, Ireland. Miss Maggie McCullen and her faithful cat light the beacon each night to keep sailors safe on… View »

Cover: Full Moon Lore

School Library Journal - Full Moon Lore

This picture book takes readers through a calendar year of full moons. A cursory introduction explains, “People long ago kept track of the seasons by giving each full moon a special name.” Each month’s unique moon is identified, from January’s Wolf Moon, to June’s Strawberry Moon, to… View »

Cover: Rettie and the Ragamuffin Parade: A Thanksgiving Story

Kirkus Reviews - Rettie and the Ragamuffin Parade

A parade brings good tidings to an immigrant community beset by war, poverty, and illness. Thanksgiving morning on the Lower East Side is a special day for a white immigrant girl named Loretta “Rettie” Stanowski. It’s the day of the Ragamuffin Parade, when children dress in rags and collect… View »

Cover: Blue Corn Soup

Kirkus Reviews - Blue Corn Soup

On a snowy afternoon, a mouse grandmother’s cooking aromas attract the noses of her neighbors. A nice warm sopa, just enough for one, will make things cozy in Abuelita’s sagebrush house. As she cooks, stirs, tastes, and adds ingredients to her pot, the distinct smell of piñon smoke drifts… View »

Cover: Roof Octopus

Kirkus Reviews - Roof Octopus

What could be more delightful than a huge and friendly octopus on the roof? That at least is the premise of Branam’s debut—which Coelho (Boat of Dreams, 2017) illuminates with views, usually canted or vertiginously angled, of a smiling, golden cephalopod hanging colorfully spotted tentacles… View »

Cover: When the Wind Blew

School Library Journal - When the Wind Blew

In this sweet, reassuring story, Little Bear and Big Bear must move in the aftermath of a very bad storm. The wind has knocked down all of the trees and made their current home unlivable, so the bears seek a new den. Little Bear notices his surroundings and the beauty of nature, asking… View »

Cover: Invisible Lizard

School Library Jouranl - Invisible Lizard

Napoleon is a vibrant chameleon. Unfortunately, all of his colors blend perfectly with the background of his home in the rain forest, making it nearly impossible for anyone to see him. How is a guy supposed to make new friends if he’s practically invisible? Napoleon tries everything to get… View »

Cover: Invisible Lizard

Kirkus Reviews - Invisible Lizard

Napoleon, a colorful, “spiffy” chameleon, lives on an equally “spiffy” tree limb and blends in so well with his surroundings the other jungle residents cannot see him.With his charming personality, Napoleon tries to entice and engage Polly, a squawking parrot, and Mike, a screeching monkey… View »

Cover: When the Wind Blew

Kirkus Reviews - When the Wind Blew

A young bear cub learns what truly makes a home.Big Bear and Little Bear wake up one morning to find that a storm has knocked down all of the trees outside their den. Little Bear peers cautiously around. All he can see are broken limbs and ragged stumps. He doesn’t understand. What has the… View »