Cover: If the Rivers Run Free
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If the Rivers Run Free

While rivers make up just a fraction of the water on Earth, they provide the majority of what we use every day. Rivers run over and through our world, and sometimes we don't even know they are there. But do we fully understand or even appreciate all that rivers can do? All over the world, cities large and small were built near rivers because of what they can provide: drinking water, transportation, power sources. But over the centuries as cities grew, the rivers became polluted by sewage and industrial waste, and their natural flow patterns were disrupted. Disease and flooding were often the result. In a short-sighted attempt to address these issues, city planners buried old rivers beneath city streets. But this solution brought more problems. Finally, a group of naturalists realized that freeing buried rivers could be the answer to managing urban waterways. In rhyming text, the fascinating story of "daylighting," unearthing and restoring buried rivers to their rightful places as source of well-being and beauty, comes to life.

Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 1
Number of Pages 40
Dimensions 9 x 11


Available Formats Hardcover (9781534112780), PDF (9781668935422), Hosted ebook (9781668935330)
Publication Date 08/14/2023
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Language English
Copyright 2023
Lexile 680L