Cover: Otis P. Oliver Protests
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Otis P. Oliver Protests

Otis P. Oliver is taking a stand. He is NOT taking another bath—ever. But when your opinions matter to the rest of the family about as much as the opinions of the family dog (who, it’s worth mentioning, only has to bathe once a month), you have to get serious. So Otis borrows a spiffy suit from his dad and rouses a rabble of neighbor kids to stand up for what the know is right: a bathtub ban. This hilarious story about standing up for what you believe in, compromise, and family will have readers of all ages ready to hit the pavement for their cause—whatever it may be.

  • 2022 Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee
Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 3
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 9 x 11


Available Formats Hardcover (9781534110434), PDF (9781534166783), Hosted ebook (9781534166929)
Publication Date 04/15/2020
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Language English
Copyright 2020
Dewey E