Cover: Maestro Stu Saves the Zoo
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Maestro Stu Saves the Zoo

Since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, little Stu's favorite place to visit was the nearby zoo. He was there so often that even the animals recognized him. The animals' sounds, from the coos and the snorts, and the squeaks and bellows, and the brays and the whistles, were music to his ears. His mother called it a symphony. Stu loved to pretend to be a conductor when he listened to the animals. But now there is trouble brewing at the zoo. A man wants to take it over and turn it into something else, getting rid of the animals. When the animals learn of his plan, they want to take action. But no one has any ideas. No one but Stu. Young readers will enjoy seeing how Stu steps in to rally the animals to save their beloved zoo.

Interest Level Preschool - Grade 3
Reading Level
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 9 x 11


Available Formats Hardcover (9781585368020), PDF (9781627531023), Hosted ebook (9781627535496)
Publication Date 09/01/2012
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Language English
Copyright 2013
Dewey E

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