Cover: Finnegan and Fox: The Ten-Foot Cop
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Finnegan and Fox

The Ten-Foot Cop

Finnegan is a horse. But he is not just any horse. Finnegan is a proud member of the New York City Police Department. He and his human partner, Officer T. J. Fox, are part of the NYPD Mounted Unit. Together they make one ten-foot cop! Each morning, after roll call, Finnegan and T. J. take to the streets, a familiar and welcome sight to the people who live in the area. Times Square is their beat and it's a busy one. More than one million people move through it every day, from New Yorkers on their way to work to the thousands of tourists who visit the popular area. It would be very easy to get lost in this rushing crowd. One day, as Finnegan and T. J. move through a fairly routine day, that's exactly what happens to one little girl. And it's Finnegan to the rescue!

Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 4
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 9 x 11


Available Formats Hardcover (9781585367849), PDF (9781627530026), Hosted ebook (9781627535595)
Publication Date 02/01/2013
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Language English
Copyright 2013
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