Stella Batts

Released on 15 January 2012

Stella Batts is a third-grader who wants to be a writer and this charming series chronicles the ups and downs of life with a five-year-old sister, parents who own a wonderful candy store, and…

Cover: Stone Circle Stories: Culture and Folktales

Stone Circle Stories: Culture and Folktales

Released on 1 January 2019

People have been telling stories since the beginning of time--sharing them from one generation to the next. In the Stone Circle Stories: Culture and Folktales series, readers will recognize…

Cover: Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

Released on 1 August 2017

Take a look at the world's weirdest stories--stories too strange to be made up! Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience and a lower level of complexity with…

Cover: Surviving History

Surviving History

Released on 1 August 2020

Would you have survived aboard the Titanic? What about lost in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt? Read the books in the Surviving History series and tally up your score to find out! While…


Tales of the World

Released on 30 October 2004

From ancient Japan and contemporary West Africa to France and post WW II England, these stories bring the world to young readers.


Tales of Young Americans

Released on 14 October 2004

Pivotal moments in our nation's history are seen through the eyes of fictional young heroes whose courage and quick thinking will inspire all children.

Cover: Tell Me Why Library

Tell Me Why Library

Released on 1 August 2014

Young children are naturally curious about animals, the world around them, and themselves. The Tell Me Why series offers answers to their most compelling questions. Age-appropriate…


The Hazel Ridge Farm Stories

Released on 26 September 2001

True stories of wildlife rehabilitation teach children a respect for animals and their natural habitats.

Cover: The Seasons

The Seasons

Released on 1 August 2018

The Seasons uses a curriculum based approach to get children comfortable with reading. Each book in this series uses a combination of sight words and short-vowel words in repetition to build…

Cover: The Secret Society of Monster Hunters

The Secret Society of Monster Hunters

Released on 1 August 2020

Zombies and dragons and krakens, oh my! Join Elena, her big brother Jorge, and their friends Marcus, Fiona, and Amy as they travel through time, from the 20s to the 90s, hunting for mythical…