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Sports Alphabet

Written in a two-tier alphabet format using poems and expository text this lushly illustrated series introduces readers to famous sports figures, history of the games, record-breaking accomplishments, and little-known facts. Titles range from baseball and football to stock car racing and fishing.

Cover: A is for Amazing Moments: A Sports Alphabet
Cover: A is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet
Cover: E is for Extreme: An Extreme Sports Alphabet
Cover: G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet
Cover: H is for Hockey: A NHL Alumni Alphabet
Cover: H is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet
Cover: H is for Hook: A Fishing Alphabet
Cover: H is for Horse: An Equestrian Alphabet
Cover: J is for Jump Shot: A Basketball Alphabet
Cover: K is for Kick: A Soccer Alphabet