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I, Q

Thirteen-year-old Quest (Q) isn't sure he's ready for a new family. For a long time it's just been him and his mom, Blaze. But everything changes when Blaze falls in love with Roger and they start a new rock band called Match. Now they're married, have a hit record, and Match is going out on a driving tour across the country. Q, along with new stepsister Angela, will take time off from school and travel with the band. For now, home will be a luxury motor coach and homework will be a Web site diary of their travels. As Q and Angela settle into their new life and new relationship as siblings, the terrorist and technology subplots make this a cutting-edge middle-grade series. As the band and new family travels to destinations like Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Kitty Hawk, and San Antonio readers also get a palatable dose of US history and geography.

Cover: I, Q Alcatraz
Cover: I, Q: Independence Hall
Cover: I, Q: Kitty Hawk
Cover: I, Q: The Alamo
Cover: I, Q: The White House
Cover: I, Q The Windy City