Discover America State by State

This lushly illustrated nonfiction series helps young readers explore state facts and introduces the rich and diverse landscapes, wildlife, cultures, and folklore of each state and the District of Columbia. This 51-book series builds vocabulary skills while imparting fundamental information about history, landmarks, events, and people that make each state unique.

Title   ATOS
H is for Hawkeye: An Iowa Alphabet 6.6
H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet 6.1
K is for Keystone: A Pennsylvania Alphabet 7.0
L is for Last Frontier: An Alaska Alphabet 5.4
L is for Lincoln: An Illinois Alphabet 6.6
L is for Lobster: A Maine Alphabet 6.2
L is for Lone Star: A Texas Alphabet 5.0
M is for Magnolia: A Mississippi Alphabet Book 5.9
M is for Maple Syrup: A Vermont Alphabet 6.1
M is for Mayflower: A Massachusetts Alphabet 6.7
M is for Mitten: A Michigan Alphabet 5.4
M is for Mountain State: A West Virginia Alphabet 6.5
M is for Mount Rushmore: A South Dakota Alphabet 5.7
N is for Natural State: An Arkansas Alphabet 5.9
N is for Nutmeg: A Connecticut Alphabet 6.9
N is for Our Nation's Capital: A Washington DC Alphabet 6.8
O is for Old Dominion: A Virginia Alphabet 7.3
P is for Palmetto: A South Carolina Alphabet 6.2
P is for Peace Garden: A North Dakota Alphabet 7.0
P is for Peach: A Georgia Alphabet 6.0

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