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An intrepid vole sets out on an adventure (with a meticulously thought-out plan).
Vole, a squat little nugget with big, bright eyes and wisps of lashes, is very persnickety. She follows the same routine every day. She begins the morning with (precisely) 7 minutes of exercise. At snack time, she eats one slice of pumpernickel bread, two pieces of stinky cheese, and…12 raisins. But one morning, inspired by the vast landscape before her, she decides she wants an adventure. So she slips on her spectacles and draws a map. She plans her snack time exactly halfway through, includes perfect weather with a gentle breeze, and imagines being thrilled and accomplished by the end. The next day, armed with a tiny red knapsack, she sets off. Everything is going according to plan until she sees a “humungous, GINORMOUS rock” in the middle of the path. This was not on her map. She tries to reason with it: “Excuse me, Rock, I’ve planned this trip very carefully. As you can see, you don’t belong here. I’m sure you understand.” She pleads, she begs. But the rock just sits. Sometimes, plans need to change. Sattler’s expressive vole wears her heart on her sleeve, and watching her come to terms with reality is both instructive and delightful. Readers will cheer her newfound nimbleness.
A little flexibility goes a long way.

—Jennifer Sattler

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