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Cover: Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Stella Batts feels she is a very lucky girl. After all, it’s not every day you get to have parents who own a candy store and have their children as official taste-testers! So, when her Dad brings home his new magical gum, Stella and her younger sister can’t wait to try it out.
Unfortunately, the gum doesn’t seem to hold any magic for Stella except bad magic. First, a wad of gum gets stuck in Stella’s hair which prompts Stella to “fix” the situation by cutting her hair, which necessitates a professional cut that is quite short. This leads to the mean boy in school making Stella feel particularly unattractive. Then, to make matters worse, Stella’s best friend announces she will soon be moving with her family 3,000 miles away. Ugh!

Brimming with charm, realistic and often funny scenarios, and a spunky heroine that girls in particular will enjoy, this selection is sure to win high marks from readers.

—Kendal Rautzhan

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Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 3.6

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