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Cover: Nian, The Chinese New Year Dragon Cover: Bread for Words: A Frederick Douglass Story Cover: You Are Mine, Porcupine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cover: Mr. Goat's Valentine

Mr. Goat's Valentine

After reading in the newspaper that it's Valentine's Day, Mr. Goat sets out in search of very special gifts for his first love. But just what would a goat choose as the perfect gifts to show… More »

Cover: Catch a Kiss

Catch a Kiss

Izzie just loves when her mama blows her kisses to catch. Smooch kisses, zig-zag kisses, and even triple decker kisses! But even though she runs and leaps for it, Izzie misses a kiss! Her… More »

New Cover: Invisible Lizard in Love

Invisible Lizard in Love

Napoleon, the spiffiest chameleon in the jungle, is a pretty happy guy. And why shouldn't he be? After all, he loves living on his spiffy limb, and blending in with its colorful foliage. And… More »