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Cover: Delia's Dull Day: An Incredibly Boring Story

A great book all about perception. Delia is a young girl who is convinced every day of her life is dull, boring, and uneventful. Her attentions are on her accidents, handheld electrical devices, day dreaming, doodling, repetitive practices, personal discomforts, and daily routines. If Delia would look up and take notice of the world around her she would discover the joys, wonders, and excitement waiting to be observed just by her.

Myer tells a great story with both word and illustration. The text is easy to read and the illustrations are 90% of the story, so take your time gazing upon each page, as each page will tell a story all of its own. Delia uses the word boring twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. This is a reminder that children who use the word throughout their day do not know the definition of boring and may need to broaden their vocabulary and their interests.

Adults and children alike will learn a valuable lesson from reading this book: Take time to look up from your cell phone, walk barefoot in the park, watch children playing and join them, look for both the small and simple wonders as well as the big and complex. The world has much to offer both the young and the old. Encourage children with the “bored syndrome” to think outside the box of normal and every day activities that they usually find themselves engaged in (such as video games, T.V., and text messaging).

They might be surprised by the sort of day they can create. Your day will be whatever you make it to be. If you wake and say the day is boring, the day will be boring. If you wake and say, “What a grand day today will be!”, then today will be a grand day.
The message of the book blends beautifully with the illustrations to make a point and entertain very well. This is one that will be read and re-read many times.

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