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Cover: Lily's Victory Garden

When Lily is considered too young to qualify for a Victory Garden during WWII, the determined girl takes things into her own hands and approaches a neighbor who has a piece of land that isn’t being used. He agrees but does so reluctantly and with the admonition not to disturb his wife who is in mourning over the loss of her son to the war efforts. With barely serviceable tools, Lily works hard to turn the soil and plant the seeds and later, to tend the plants as they come up. As she nurtures her garden, the reclusive Mrs. Bishop on whose land the plants are thriving starts paying attention to Lily and her careful tending of the garden. Eventually, the woman ends up helping Lily as she slowly starts to heal and learn to laugh and embrace life along with Lily and her dog Thunder. The story and brightly colored illustrations will tug at the heart while reminding readers of the universal need for caring and compassion.

—Barbara A. Ward

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