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Cover: Tugg and Teeny

Tugg and Teeny is a beginning reader for grades 2 through 3 and is the first book in the Tugg and Teeny series. This book is 40 pages long and is broken down into three chapters.

Tugg (a gorilla) and Teeny (a monkey) are very good friends. Teeny is very adventurous and likes to try new things. In this book, she learns to play a music stick, paint, and write poetry. None of these things comes naturally to Teeny, and she has to practice and work hard at them. Her good friend Tugg encourages her along the way.

If you have a beginning reader in your house, I’d recommend that you get a copy of Tugg and Teeny. This book has beautiful, warm illustrations throughout, and the text is the perfect size for a beginning reader. There is also plenty of white space, so new readers won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of words on a page. Add to these things the sweet and encouraging storyline, and your new reader is bound to enjoy Tugg and Teeny.

—Courtney Larson

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