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Fads come and go, but socks are forever. This volume in the How-to Library series begins with the history of both the puppet and the sock, the latter of which dates back to 300–500 CE. Satisfied that they are part of a grand tradition (and not mere sock-destroyers), readers can plunge forth into tips on how to choose the best sock and what supplies to gather. The subsequent descriptions on how to thread a needle and do running and overcast stitches herald the fairly heavy needlework involved in the projects—this is a lot more than googly eyes and felt. For those who can hack it, Petelinsek offers up puppets of the following variety: girl, boy, puppy, dragon, monster, and caterpillar. (Gather your feather boas and pipe cleaners for those last two.) But that’s not all. Instructions on how to build a puppet stage and write a play conclude. This series asks a lot of its crafters, so suggest this to the ones who are ready to get their hands dirty (in or out of socks).

—Daniel Kraus

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