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Perhaps it’s their talent for camouflage, but the oft-overlooked walking stick finally gets its due in this beautifully illustrated picture book. In a style reminiscent of Steve Jenkins, this book takes readers through the life of a stick insect, from the moment this slender bug hatches from its egg to the time it lays eggs itself. Varying fonts emphasize words like drip, wiggle, and munch, as well as the refrain, “Good trick, walking stick!” when a new ability is revealed. Aided by the vibrant collage-style illustrations, readers see the insect shed its exoskeleton and defend itself from a bird by detaching its leg (which it will later regrow) in a trick called autotomy. The intended audience for this book is adaptable, as the main text’s narrative quality and tone seem appropriate for kindergartners, while the scientific asides are more advanced. However, most kids will find the walking stick’s ability to change its color, tremble like a twig in the wind, and squirt smelly liquid at attackers fascinating at any age.

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