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Despite the title, a cheerful rhyming text opens with morning in the forest, as couplets introduce flora, fauna, and other natural elements: “Good morning, bird. / Sing your song. / Good morning, stream. / Hum along.” Bucci’s multimedia illustrations, composed of dense brushstrokes of thick color to shape cartoonish forest creatures, portray each scene in a gentle, humorous manner and highlight specific parts of the animals. The porcupine, for example, with spiky quills and huge, wide eyes, is described as looking “lively,” while the turtle is invited to come out of its shell. As the sun goes down, the color palette changes and the text shifts to describing the forest dwellers going to sleep. More animals are added to the group as they all wind down for the night. The final image features a human adult and child, reading at night in a tent, making this book an appropriate accompaniment to an outdoor evening or a regular nighttime routine. Though there’s not much new here, animal-loving little ones might warm to this forest-themed bedtime read.

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