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This picture book takes readers through a calendar year of full moons. A cursory introduction explains, “People long ago kept track of the seasons by giving each full moon a special name.” Each month’s unique moon is identified, from January’s Wolf Moon, to June’s Strawberry Moon, to December’s Cold Moon, and closing with the additional Blue Moon. The lyrical text briefly explores the lunar lore behind the names: as April’s Pink Moon heralds the arrival of spring blossoms, “It was believed that the moon used his hand to sprinkle the ground with seeds.” Stewart’s full-page realistic illustrations capture many atmospheric details of the changing seasons and the resulting effect on wildlife. November’s spread depicts the Hunter Moon illuminating ploughed fields full of rolled bales of hay as an owl and a fox search for food in the foreground. An end page includes nine assorted scientific facts about the moon, as well as a summary list of the full moon names noted. However, there are no source notes as to the cultural origins of the names selected. VERDICT This poetic treatment works best as a general introduction to the topic.

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Full Moon Lore

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