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Cover: Digger and Daisy Go to the Doctor

In this latest outing for Digger and Daisy, the elder dog sister guides the younger dog brother through a visit to the doctor.

Young’s comradely canine siblings have a history of enjoying adventures together, but going to the doctor is a different order of things for one simple reason: Shots hurt, and doctors always seem to be waving around needles. However, in this early reader, Digger is under the weather—“ ‘I do not feel good.’ Daisy looks at Digger. He does not look good”—so a trip to the doctor is imperative. “I do not want to go,” Digger protests. “I will get a shot.” “You must be brave,” replies Daisy, which is easy to say when you are not on the receiving end. At the office, Digger doesn’t want to let the doctor do anything—take a look in his eyes, ears or mouth—so Daisy goes first. Digger has a cold, so he doesn’t need a shot. “But you do,” says the doctor. “Turn around, Daisy.” No good deed goes unpunished, though having someone to share it with is like that spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. Sullivan’s artwork lends a hand, little bits of tropical fruit upon which to sprinkle the sugar.

Giving an inch in the sibling arena can yield a mile of returns, and Digger and Daisy are great role models. (Early reader. 4-6)

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