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School Library Journal - Digger and Daisy Go to the Doctor

Cover: Digger and Daisy Go to the Doctor

A pup wakes up one morning not feeling well. His older sister springs into action, toting poor Digger to the doctor’s office in a red wagon. He is afraid he will need a shot, though Daisy assures him that shots make you feel better and only hurt a little. With her repeated coaxing and entreaties of “You must be brave,” Digger consents to have his eyes, ears, and mouth checked. The doctor concludes that he simply has a cold. His sister, however, is due for a shot. Suddenly sweating, Daisy says she doesn’t want one and now claims that they hurt. The final page shows an irritated Daisy being reminded that she told Digger that shots didn’t hurt much. The repetitive, very simple text will help emerging readers gain confidence, and the story deals with a common, relatable fear. The cartoon art is brightly colored and includes a few doggie jokes, e.g., a sign on the title page reading, “Paws for your flu shot!” After the situational and textual repetition, the twist at the end will give readers (especially younger siblings) a giggle. For general purchase, especially in libraries in which beginning readers are heavily used.

—–Sara White, Seminole County Public Library, Casselberry, FL

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