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Although Gwen Frostic (1906–2001) grew up with physical disabilities, her mother encouraged the girl to become active, strong, and independent. Her artistic talent and her love of nature led her to a career creating decorative brass and copperware until her materials were needed for the war effort in the 1940s. Then she designed tools for the aircraft industry by day and made linoleum prints at night. Later she moved to “the top of Michigan’s mitten,” where she created, printed, and sold greeting cards celebrating nature. Appended to this upbeat picture-book biography is further information about the artist and a list of materials and instructions for making drawings or prints from natural objects. The text describes Frostic’s life effectively and relates her work to the twentieth-century environmental movement. Brightly colored line-and-wash paintings illustrate the book, setting a cheerful tone. While no photos of Frostic’s more muted prints appear in the book, one illustration includes parts of several representative pictures. Recommended for larger collections and those where the artist’s work is well-known.

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Nature's Friend: The Gwen Frostic Story
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