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Cover: The Princess and the Cafe on the Moat

Stories about princesses abound, but one such as this, which understands a child’s need to be helpful, is fresh, and will appeal to children and their parents alike. Markarian creates a princess heroine whose interests extend beyond ceremony and fancy clothes. While looking for something meaningful to do, the princess visits the Court Jester, the Wandering Minstrel, the Wizard, and even the Royal Baker, but doesn’t fit in anywhere. The work of the court is subtly described as primarily social, and the princess escapes beyond the castle where she meets a local man in need and learns how she can be of service to the people of the court. Douglass’ illustrations focus on actions more than backgrounds, and the use of earth tones adds to the warmth of the story. The vocabulary is richly descriptive, and, by leaving the princess unnamed, she becomes an everychild with a moral conscience, who creates a happily- and busily-ever-after for the entire court.

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