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Jack, a bored horse living on a farm, has learned how to open the gate to his stall. Looking for entertainment, he sets himself free, kicking off a counting adventure. From 1 soft click of the lock, nature and farm elements such as 3 roosters, 5 kittens, 7 spiders, and 9 apples shape Jack’s journey from 1 to 10, and then from 10 back to 1 with items such as 10 tomatoes, 8 dogs, and 6 songbirds. (And that’s not all: Jack counts frogs, bumblebees, logs, puddles, carrots, and cherries, too.) The bouncy, humorous rhyming text and frequent sound words invite audience participation, while gentle, brightly colored cartoon-style illustrations add to the fun. Returning home, Jack is glad to see that children have arrived to play with him. However, after getting dirty from his many encounters, the highest priority is for Jack to have a bath.

Jack’s exploits should win over plenty of friends as part of a farm-themed or math storytime.

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