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A freshwater marsh is much more than just standing water. From the mucky mud and the reeds growing in it to mayflies nibbling its algae to the eagle swooping down to catch a fish, the marsh teems with life. Using the cumulative style and cadence of “This Is the House That Jack Built,” Mebane has created a fascinating look at the food chain in the marsh. The text is made up of short lines with the last word in each printed in colorful ink for emphasis. Guerlais’ vibrantly colored illustrations are eye-catching but sometimes lose an accurate sense of scale when featured creatures are enlarged to show detail. The information in the book is light but conveys a good sense of the relationships among the marsh’s living things. A glossary and appended notes about this ecosystem and its food chain extend concepts from the main text, though no references are provided. Pair with Gail Gibbons’ Marshes and Swamps (1998) for a more informational look at marsh life.

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