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Booklist - S is for the Stanley Cup

Cover: S is for the Stanley Cup: A Hockey Championship Alphabet

Though featured in the title and reappearing throughout this colorful book, the Stanley Cup is just one of many hockey championship–related topics covered here. The information and stories include something for everyone, from anecdotes about the trophy and its storied travels to factoids about famous players, notable teams, and even St. Paul’s 1997 Zamboni Parade. Each alphabetically arranged topic appears on a page or double-page spread that includes a large illustration, four lines of rhyming or near-rhyming verse for young children, and a paragraph of small-print text that is just as likely to interest middle-graders or even adults reading the book aloud. A Canadian sports writer who has an adult book on the Stanley Cup, as well as M Is for Maple: A Canadian Alphabet (2001), to his credit, Ulmer contributes serviceable verse along with concise, interesting paragraphs about the sport and its championship. Showing a strong sense of color, composition, and expression, Lyons’ handsome illustrations will draw readers to this attractive book. A good addition to sports collections in communities with hockey fans.

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