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When things get too complicated for Tig Ripley and her best friends (who are also her bandmates), all Tig wants is a little bit of harmony. Suddenly, last year’s Mean Girl is being nice (too nice?), and Tig’s cousin Kyra, whom Tig feels insanely guilty about wanting to kick out of the band, is going through a hard time at home. Adding to the strife, Tig’s got a major crush on another good friend’s boyfriend, and one of her bandmates brings a new girl into the fold, which makes Tig feel jealous. Told in the third person but privy to Tig’s inner thoughts, this is a fun read for music lovers, and it deals with the fast-changing lives of middle-school kids. This follow-up to Rue’s series starter, Rock ’n’ Roll Rebel (2016), ends on a satisfying high note, though, with all the rhythms coming together for everyone. There’s a lot to appreciate here, both on the music front and with regard to the girls’ solid friendship. Perfect for fans of Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl (2015).

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