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A young bear cub learns what truly makes a home.Big Bear and Little Bear wake up one morning to find that a storm has knocked down all of the trees outside their den. Little Bear peers cautiously around. All he can see are broken limbs and ragged stumps. He doesn’t understand. What has the wind done? Big Bear’s optimism shines through: “Well, we won’t have to climb for honey or fruit today!” As they plod through the forest, they see evidence of destruction all around. Because of the fallen trees, the birds will have to find new homes. Big Bear says that they will have to move, too. But Little Bear doesn’t want to leave his home. Luckily, the cliffs have protected the trees in the valley. Big Bear and Little Bear slowly make their way to the forest floor, where they find a new, cozy den. Big Bear (never gendered) is sweet and loving, patiently answering Little Bear’s questions and calming his fears throughout the journey. This ursine story, refreshingly, has nothing to do with hibernation yet is still true to a bear’s experience—and has not a few parallels to the experiences of humans affected by natural disaster. Gently shows how forest devastation (even when due to natural causes) affects many creatures large and small.

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