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Stories in each title are told through the eyes of a student who acts as a historian gathering facts, artifacts, and photographs from interviews, museums, and other locations. A mission is given at the beginning of each book. Although the chapters are short, these are good starter books for historical periods. Read a full review in the May/June 2012 edition of Library Media Connections by Sue N. Howard, Educational Reviewer, Memphis, Tennessee. This series is Recommended

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS
History Digs (10 titles)
America: Three Worlds Meet 6.0
America's Colonization and Settlement 5.4
Contemporary United States 5.4
Postwar United States 6.2
The Birth of the United States 5.0
The Development of U.S. Industry 4.8
The Great Depression and World War II 5.4
The United States Enters the 20th Century 4.9
The US Civil War and Reconstruction 6.4
US Growth and Change in the 19th Century 5.9

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