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Cover: A Book of Bridges: Here To There and Me To You

Bridges are great metaphors, but they are pretty cool in their own right. Keely selects nine bridges to illustrate different types of construction in different parts of the world, plus a few that give the word “bridge” a deeper meaning. Krampien draws each with a nice eye for detail, rendering them from a perspective that warms and humanizes them (her bird’s-eye view for the opening two-page spread is a winner). There is also a note of whimsy: the Golden Gate Bridge is actually orange (Golden Gate is the name of the strait the bridge spans); a rainbow isn’t actually a bridge but a mist of color. Keely provides a simple introduction to the bridges—this one is covered in wood, that one is made of stone, another is made of light—but she also provides more detail, broadening the book’s audience: “The world’s longest covered bridge is in Canada. It is about as long as 36 school buses—and crosses the Saint John River from Hartford to Somerville, New Brunswick.” Thus a soupçon of geography is added to the mix. In the end, holding hands can form a connection, too, from one to the other. This could be a prime time for corniness, but it is simply handled—and even makes sense. A fine introduction to bridges and the great truth of connectivity. (Informational picture book. 4-8)

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