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Santa’s red suit is a classic, but what about what’s underneath? In Figley’s (Emily and Carlo) lighthearted holiday outing, Santa can’t find the “long, red, woolly undies” that he wears each Christmas Eve, so he has to explore other options. Kelley (Albert’s Almost Amazing Adventure) emphasizes the elves’ amused reactions as Santa tries on his pink Valentine’s Day boxers, St. Patrick’s Day long johns, Easter briefs, and Thanksgiving tighty-whities that “were now a little too tighty.” He even contemplates going commando, and Kelley sends the elves diving in front of Santa to protect his modesty. A surprise gift from Santa’s reindeer saves the day—and frees up his other underwear for them to wear during their midnight flight. On their own, Santa and underwear are generally picture book winners; together, they’ll keep kids plenty amused—and hoping their own Christmas gifts don’t include much underwear.

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